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People who are stuck think there is nothing they can do or they simply don’t know what to do next. Being “stuck” is just a belief: We may FEEL stuck — but it’s not at all the same thing!

We usually already know what we need to do to move forward (end that relationship, get a new job, speak to our boss about the training/pay-raise/promotion, exercise, find new friends, etc.), but we don’t want to deal with the consequences of doing it. It’s usually fear that keeps us stuck — a fear of becoming overwhelmed, upsetting someone or believing in ourselves; a fear of change/uncertainty; or a fear of planning and discipline.

Here Are 5 Ways to Overcome Those Fears and Help Your Clients Get Unstuck:

1. A Future Self-Visualization

You can make up your own, or use/adapt one you find online. Settle your clients down, take them to a place outside their normal everyday life to meet their future (or wise self). Then, ask your clients to ask their future self for advice, ideas, a gift, solutions, direction and/or next steps. Just search for “Future Self-Visualization” on Google, and you’ll get plenty of ideas.

2. Explore and Play with their “Stuck” Metaphor

What does being “stuck” look like for your client? What do they see, hear, feel and possibly even smell when they think about being stuck?

I had a client who imagined she was in a single square room with solid brick walls. She said it smelled damp, musty and a little hot and stifling. We explored further, and there was a window in one of them. She opened the window to let in fresh air and saw the future out of the window. Then, we explored that future…