Mentor Coaching

Great Minds Coaching offers Mentor Coaching as a service to professional coaches seeking ICF credentials. As your mentor coach, Milt will provide the professional assistance needed to achieve the desired credential by focusing on coaching skills, core competencies and coaching ethics as outlined by the ICF. Through our mentor coaching, you will receive the 10 hours of mentor coaching required to apply for either the ACC or PCC credential.

As an ICF Approved Mentor Coach, Milt will:

  • Model effective initiation and contracting of client relationship
  • Explore fully with you what you are looking to achieve
  • Establish measures of success for the mentoring partnership
  • Review all aspects of the ICF Code of Ethics
  • Focus on core competency development
  • Provide specific verbal and written feedback

Why Work With Milt?

Milt is a PCC-credentialed member of ICF as well as an approved mentor coach. Milt has been involved with ICF at both the local, regional and national level having served as Past President of the Michigan Chapter of ICF and as a founding member of the Midwest Regional Advisory Council where he also served as President for 2 years. Great Minds Coaching offers three different mentor coaching programs. In each program, participants will have 10 total mentor coaching sessions over a minimum of 3 months.