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Coaching Readiness Assessment

Please complete the attached to determine your readiness for coaching. Following my review of your results I will get back with you within 24 hours to discuss fit, focus and the process by which we might work together.

A copy of your answers will be provided to you by return email.

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Please rate yourself on a scale of one to five (1=disagree to 5=strongly agree) on each of the following statement

Coaching Readiness Assessment

I believe what I want is possible and I am ready to make it happen!
I am an optimistic person.
I have clearly assessed my current situation and I know where I want to go.
I am willing to make the appropriate changes to accomplish my desired outcomes.
I assume total responsibility for the results I produce.
Several of my trademarks are courage, integrity, work ethic, and fortitude.
I am known by others as a team player.
I am noted for creating and sustaining meaningful relationships.
My decision/actions are based on my personal values.
I am committed to producing quantifiable results.
Commitments are commitments, I keep them!
I welcome opportunities to work outside my comfort zone.
I have a clearly defined support system.
I feel strongly that I have untapped potential.
I am a person on whom my friends and associates can rely.
I readily bounce back from failures and setbacks.
I have a healthy relationship with money.
Personal development is one of my highest priorities.
I have a healthy relationship with time.
I am clear about what I would like to contribute to the world.

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