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I'm Paul Smart.

Leading life coach, mentor and consultant.

I work with people who want to create and achieve the life, career or business that they want. I specialize in helping people just like you overcome the obstacles keeping them from accomplishing their goals and dreams.

Most of those people are now beyond the mental blocks that were holding them back from living well each day.

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What Can Life Coaching Help You With?

Making Changes

Untie knots that are holding you back, get over fears and break free from old patters, job, habits…

Fulfilling Potentials

Overcome roadblocks and accomplish goals, refocus, get organized and DO IT!

Finding Balance

Maybe the most important thing so that you breathe, relax and become content with the world.

A life coach is a professional who helps you reach a goal or make a change in your life.

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What I Can Do For You

I can work with you in a wide range of areas, and will help you to create positive and permanent shifts in your life.


Life Coaching

  • Create a grand vision for your life; set inspiring goals.
  • Balance work with other areas in your life. Have fun!
  • Manage stress & anxiety.
  • Improve your wellbeing & relationships.
  • Live with purpose and direction.

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Leadership Developement

  • Create vision & strategy for your leadership; develop your own leadership style.
  • Improve your communication & influencing skills; increase your confidence.
  • Work more efficiently and effectively; inspire your team.

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Career Coaching

  • Find a new job.
  • Change your career.
  • Set up your own business.
  • Increase your visibility and personal brand.

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Why Coach With Me

Trust: it's repeatedly the #1 reason my clients give for working with me.

And having coached scores of high-achieving professionals to new levels of performance, I know that trust is the foundation of the deep coaching connection that leads to (your) extraordinary results. It's my mission to inspire impossibility at the pivotal moments. Because coaching is about making the impossible, possible.

Some of the kind words from my clients:

“The timing of my work with Milt could not have been better in my development as a leader to the extent it was in conjunction with my promotion to Vice President of a Fortune 500 company. Early on, Milt helped me to recognize that everything I did from this position sent a message which has increased my sensitivity to be certain that the messages I send are aligned with my values, the organizational objectives, and with our efforts to support cultural change. And, my work with Milt greatly contributed to the fact that I exceeded performance of our key performance indicators agreed to by my leaders during my first year on the new job! I have also grown significantly in my awareness of executive presence and the impact in the workplace and beyond. Milt has also supported me in the overall development of my executive team through his observations and recommendations of how we work together. Additionally, Milt has supported me to appropriately interpret the impact of culture on my leadership challenges and how to modify my style for maximum impact.”

BTS, Vice President, The Boeing Company

"I didn’t know what or how to think about executive coaching when the notion was first introduced. I didn’t see how someone who had no history with the company or characters within could provide valuable insights that weren’t already obvious to me. My performance was clearly solid and my team was delivering at unprecedented levels, so why this? And why now? Here and now, with the benefit of hindsight, I consider myself eternally blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Milt. I may have arrived at my first session with a healthy amount of skepticism, but that quickly dissolved within my first few sessions. In fact, I have continued to leverage Milt's talents over the past years to challenge my own perspective and re-frame obstacles into opportunities. I have learned to practice the art of "in spite of" to overcome my own mental hurdles and find paths that lead me - and my team - forward. I have learned to define success - and redefine it, if need be - in a way that enables every stakeholder the opportunity to claim it. I have learned to listen closely to the story I am telling myself, and to find a different one to tell if the current one isn't working for me. Best of all, I have learned how to spot these opportunities for growth within my team and to enable their growth through my own. When the landscape evolved with changes in companies, roles, and teams, I knew where to look for assistance to regain my footing and re-orient my compass. Let me be clear… The coaching process doesn't fix everything or everyone. It offers no silver bullets or easy buttons. Like anything worth doing, this involves a struggle against a worthy opponent (who might sometimes be yourself), and the extent to which you benefit is limited by what you invest. Most importantly, it requires a co-creative and committed partnership with someone who can be trusted to not only really hear you, but also to have the courage to press the re-play button so that you can hear you in a way you never did before. It can be an amazing journey with the right coach, and I'm grateful to have found mine in Milt."

C. Taylor, Vice President, AutomotiveMastermind

“I first became a client of Great Minds Coaching when I was an engineering manager with a global manufacturing company. As a direct result of our work together, I moved from that position to a VP position with a major aerospace corporation. Milt’s extensive Human Resource background with a Fortune 500 company afforded him a larger toolbox of experiences, resources, and knowledge to work with than most. Milt is an exceptional coach! He listens well and is not opinionated. He adjusts to “the moment” – actively listening to me so I always get what I need, but he is also willing to test my reasoning, challenge my motivation and inspire me to go further. I have grown in my appreciation and understanding of the impact of culture in an organization, and my ability to manage cultural challenges has increased significantly. My work with Milt expertly positioned me to excel in my new role.”

Leslie Kilgore, Vice President of Engineering, Daimler Corporation

“Milt Fletcher has served as my Executive Coach for the past several years and has supported my growth through several levels of leadership.  Through my work with Milt I have better come to appreciate the quote that “What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There!”  As a result, my leadership abilities have increased commensurate with the increase in the level of the positions to which I have been assigned.  In my former position, Milt worked directly with my team to support them to identify their “why,” which significantly increased the teams’ morale and their focus on organizational objectives.  Most recently Milt worked with me and my current team to help us determine who we needed to be and what we needed to do to provide the overall support the leaders of our organization require in their efforts to lead both organizational and cultural change.  Through my work with Milt my ability to lead my team to provide the development required by our leaders to not only transform the organization from its 1st century of growth, but to sustain the organization in its 2nd century of existence has been greatly enhanced. As a result of being coached by Milt, I definitely have an increased appreciation for coaching and am inspired to be a true servant leader.”

Towanna Tindall, The Boeing Company

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